Säynätsalo Town Hall is one of architect Alvar Aalto’s most significant works. It enjoys a position all of its own in the history of modern architecture. Säynätsalo town hall is a building with many functions: municipal administration (until 1993), library, residential spaces, business premises and guest rooms. Aalto designed the town hall as a complete work of art, and this can be seen in the details and in the furniture designed specifically for the building.

The municipality of Säynätsalo with its town hall became part of the city of Jyväskylä in 1993. Because of its architectural importance, Säynätsalo town hall and its inner courtyard were protected by a building preservation order in 1994.



Opening hours | Aukioloajat


September 2017 (1.9.–30.9.2017.)

Monday      noon – 6pm

Wednesday   noon – 6pm

Friday      noon – 6pm

Sunday     noon – 6pm



If you want to enter the building,

call Mr. Harri Taskinen GSM +358 40 1971 091

or email harri.taskinen@hotmail.com

and you will get information about the opening hours.


Jos haluat tutustua taloon,

soita Harri Taskinen GSM +358 40 1971 091

tai lähetä sähköpostia harri.taskinen@hotmail.com



Booking and AirBnb | Majoitus ja AirBnb 

Two guestrooms are open for booking in booking.com. | Kahta vierashuonetta voi varata.

Also AirBnb is a possibility Myös AirBnb-vuokraus on mahdollinen.

Bus connections | Bussiyhteydet

Busses 16, 16M and 21 from Kauppatori, Jyväskylä Market Place to Säynätsalo every half an hour. Town Hall is located in the center of Säynätsalo island. Bussit 16, 16M ja 21 Jyväskylän keskustasta Säynätsaloon puolen tunnin välein. Kunnantalo sijaitsee kauniilla Säynätsalon pääsaarella.